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Expedition Tracker allows adventurers to share their expeditions with family, friends and the world. Expedition Tracker is free to use with your smart phone. Should you want additional services like insurance or advanced tracking devices we can provide that too.

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past expeditions

Expedition tracker has tracked a number of exciting adventures in the last few years. Below is a selection of past expeditions. Click on the expeditions to find out more.

  • Ian's African Rugby Adventure

    Follow Ian's trip with the Bhubesi Pride to unite Communities in rural Africa through rugby.Find out more about Ian's African Rugby Adventure

  • Amazon Row 2015

    In November 2015 five amateur rowers from Shropshire in the UK will embark on an epic journey of adventure that has only ever been attempted once before. The challenge? To row the navigable length of the Amazon River, from Nauta in Peru to Macapá in Brazil – a total distance of 2077 miles – totally unsupported and completely self-funded. We are not athletes, just five ambitious but otherwise ordinary men in our 40s. We are determined to stretch ourselves, achieve something extraordinary and raise awareness and funds for some exceptional charities. For most of us, our first experience in a rowing boat of any kind was in late 2011 when we decided to row across the Irish Sea. Two Irish Sea crossings later, and with a host of other coastal and inland rowing adventures and races under our belts, we’ve decided to raise the bar.Find out more about Amazon Row 2015

  • Adventure Unbound - Kenya!

    Adventure Unbound is a series of adventures, expeditions and journeys on all seven continents built around a central theme of education. Throughout each adventure the team will be using innovative ways to bring the world straight in to classrooms all around the globe, from this Voyage Manager tracking page through blogging, Skype, webinars and much more. As well as giving schools a window to the world, the project supports Doha based programme 'Educate A Child'. In the year 2000 governments around the world made a commitment that every child, everywhere, would have access to education by the year 2015. Now, fifteen years on we're here and despite a monumental effort we've only reached 85% of the children identified at the turn of the millennium. The fifteen percent left equates to 58 million children. Educate A Child is one of the programmes working towards making global education provision a reality.Find out more about Adventure Unbound - Kenya!

  • Parkside Rowing Challenge

    The Parkside Rowing Challenge is a collaborative, 14-week project in which the six participants will learn proficiency skills in all aspects of rowing and boat maintenance, and help to repair the boat used by Anton and co-pilot Mark de Rond (Judge Business School) on their Amazonian adventure. Finally, the team will take the boat out on a challenge of their own, in which they aim to row a 176-mile stretch of the River Thames. Find out more about Parkside Rowing Challenge

  • Expedition Admundsen 2015

    Expedition Amundsen is the world’s toughest ski race. Pulling the sledge day and night. The tent is your hotel and the sledge and extension of your arms and legs. Expedition Amundsen 2015 will require all of the participants. Daniel Gallaher, Joachim Wahlstrøm and Alexander Tindal participate together as Team Voyage Manager in this race, which starts on 26 February 2015 and will end no later than 1 March 2015.Find out more about Expedition Admundsen 2015

  • polar bears and paddleboards

    Polar Bears and Paddleboards is a project designed to showcase the use of paddleboards for sport and recreation and as a social activity. A particular objective is to enable schools following Justin's 'Schools Explorer' initiative to track and monitor the progress of the expedition, and the expedition is supporting three charities: Canal and River Trust, Development Through Sport and Momentum. The culmination of the project is a multi-day paddleboard expedition to the Semilik Fjord in Greenland... Find out more

  • row the amazon

    Dr Mark de Rond of the Cambridge Judge Business School and Anton Wright of Clare College, Cambridge University, are rowing the length of the Amazon River from Iquitos in Peru to the coast in Brazil. They start in September 2013 and hope to complete the 2,200 mile voyage in six weeks. Mark will experience what it's like to take part in an adventure on this scale, and study first-hand the effects of stress on a small team, hopefully learning valuable lessons to feed into his research interests. Anton who works with training top rowers on a daily bases will now be holding the blades himself. Anton and Mark are raising money for Leonard Cheshire Disability... Find out more