Expedition Admundsen 2015


About The Expedition

Expedition Amundsen is the world’s toughest ski race. Pulling the sledge day and night. The tent is your hotel and the sledge and extension of your arms and legs. Expedition Amundsen 2015 will require all of the participants. Daniel Gallaher, Joachim Wahlstrøm and Alexander Tindal participate together as Team Voyage Manager in this race, which starts on 26 February 2015 and will end no later than 1 March 2015.

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  • 25-Feb-2015 09:03 - Final week before the race

    This week-end, Daniel and Joachim completed the last training camp in Ål. Daniel decided the best training was to cross 17 fences and 4 rivers with the 50kg sledges. Smart move! We gained a lot of cooperation and troubleshooting skills and are prepared for the worst, even though there are no fences with barb wire on Hardangervidda. The last couple of days before departure is all about eating carbs, resting and packing. Packing is not the most fun of these three tasks, but slowly but surely the bags are packed and the pulk is polished. Weather forecast is grim as always; strong winds on Thursday meaning start might be delayed. However, Team Voyage Manager will head west tomorrow morning in good spirits!

  • 12-Feb-2015 20:42 - Great training conditions in Oslo

    With only two weeks to go, the Norwegian part of Team Voyage Manager are happy to report great training conditions in Holmenkollen, Oslo. Joachim is out pulling the sledge 4 times a week. In the week-ends, 1 year old Oda is one happy camper in the sledge, sleeping like a true Norwegian baby for two hours straight while daddy is sweating up front. She only complains when daddy feels the urge to go truly off-piste. On weekday nights, Oda is substituted by firewood and lifting weights, so that the sledge reaches the required 40 kg (new rule from last year, the team is slightly worried about this). Joachim also completed Holmenkollmarsjen, a ski-race without sledges (!!!!) last Sturday in dreamlike winter-conditions. Alex has, in addition to joining Joachim at weekdays, been up in the mountains experiencing a proper storm this week-end – great prep for what we’ll experience on the plateau in two weeks’ time. The next couple of weeks will be all about staying healthy, getting equipment, and measuring everything, so we’re making sure the sledge stays steady and reaches pretty much exactly 40 kg. And next week we’re excited that Daniel will come to Norway, so he can at least SEE some snow before the race starts – we’re worried he’s forgotten all about it.

  • 05-Feb-2015 20:40 - Serious setback in Cambridge!

    Disaster struck in Cambridge last week; Daniel lost his precious tyres! Clearly someone even more lunatic than Daniel must have seen the joy with which he pulled the tyres along river Cam and nicked them from the secret storage place (behind a tree next to a bench, by the river) to get some proper exercise himself. Luckily the issue got resolved quickly thanks to the local tyre shop, and Daniel has now upgraded to bigger tyres to ramp things up for the last weeks and everything seems to be on schedule.

  • 28-Jan-2015 09:44 - Four weeks to go - Preperations in Norway and Cambridge!

    Four weeks to go, and finally the good ol’ Norwegian winter is back with a vengeance; 30 cm fresh powder is optimal when training for a race where there are no tracks. The Oslo-based part of Team Voyage Manager was out for 3 hours last night, using the same gear we’ll use during the race for the first time this season. That means sledges (filled with 35 kg of firewood – not part of the race equipment), and “mountain off-piste skis”. Springer Spaniel Grappa was of course joining us for motivational reasons. Alex chose to head-plant in the first downhill of the day, so from there on we felt the evening was quite realistic in terms of harsh winter condition. After a lot of ups and downs and sideways, we ended up climbing the longest slope of Oslo’s alpine resort Tyvann right after it closed for the evening. This climb greatly resembles the terrain straight out of the starting gates at Expedition Amundsen, only with slightly better grooming of course. On with the ski skins and straight up we went. Puuuh! In Cambridge, Daniel struggles a bit more with finding race like conditions. Although there has been temperatures below zero lately, Daniel has yet to find any snow. Nor has he found any hills, except for the bridge across the A14 motorway. In terms of equipment, we’re now all proud owners of arctic bedding – a waterproof bag to keep your sleeping bag rolled out, ready and dry. Important gear to reduce set-up time in camp. We’re also considering two pairs of skis at this year’s expedition. One pair with ski skins and one without, to eliminate the hassle of taking on and off the skins during the race.



The team consist of Daniel Gallaher, Joachim Wahlstrøm and Alexander Tindal. Joachim and Alexander completed Expedition Amundsen in 2013 and 2014, while Daniel completed the race in 2013. In 2013 they used 66 hours (including a forced rest of approx. 34 hours due to a gale force wind) and in 2014 they used 36 hours (including an involuntary 9 hours stop due to illness). This year they plan on slashing those times and getting to the finish line in less than 30 hours. For a video with the team from Expedition Amundsen 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ut1IRDNY1Q

  • Daniel Gallaher

    By day Daniel works for Voyage Manager in Cambridge wearing nothing but tweed or black tie, but by night his Norwegian alter ego comes out as he pulls his car tyres along river Cam. The contrast between Cambridge’s green grass and Norway’s deep snow and sub-zero temperatures couldn’t be greater, but with an energy level and dedication well above average, the biggest challenge for Daniel will be to remember to bring enough to eat for the race.

  • Joachim Wahlstrøm

    Joachim is well known for using any excuse to take off early on Fridays, or any other day for that matter, to get out his sledge and skis and fine tune his pulling technique. What he lacks in max speed, he more than makes up for in stamina. When in the zone, he can outlast any Duracell rabbit.

  • Alexander Tindal

    Alexander completes Expedition Amundsen as a warm-up for his crossing of Greenland later this year. Needless to say, Alexander is well prepared and the rest of the team is not at all worried about completing this year’s race – if anything goes wrong Alexander will gladly welcome the extra weight and pull everybody across the plateau.